One of the things that gets most of us in trouble when it comes to writing is what seems like the simplest: PUNCTUATION. Periods, commas, semicolons, etc., sometimes it’s hard to remember which one we’re supposed to us and where it goes. Here’s a list of free online resources to help (in addition, you can click the “Grammar Help” tag at the top of this post to view posts I’ve written here).

OWL—Purdue Online Writing Lab
There are tons of resources at the OWL site—and not just about punctuation. It’s worth your while to spend some time exploring their website.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant—Basic Punctuation
Like the OWL site, Paradigm has a lot of resources for writing. This page covers most of the punctuation issues—with links at the top to take you to whatever section you need.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Want to try your punctuation skills? Click this link and go to a quizzes page—scroll down to #80 and see how well you know your punctuation marks.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips
Here is the Punctuation tag on Grammar Girl’s site. Not only does she have fun with grammar, she explains everything in a way that’s really easy to understand and remember.

This list of “Writing Tips for Non-Writers Who Don’t Want to Work at Writing” goes beyond punctuation, but all of these tips are advice I’ve given to my writing students.