Let’s talk a little about proofreading—you know, that grammar stuff.

Go ahead, roll your eyes. I’ll wait.

Okay. Now . . . one of the things you are going to have to do in the CCJ program is write. And you need to do it right. Facilitators can and will deduct points from your grade for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors in your Discuss and Complete posts, replies, and answers.

Grammar Basics

Here’s a great PDF grammar handbook, which can help you with almost all of your writing questions:


Not sure how to spell something? Not sure what word you want? Should it be capitalized? Look it up!
There are wonderful resources online now which can help you polish up your writing in no time! I recommend bookmarking these two so you can find them quickly whenever you need them.

http://www.merriam-webster.com (online dictionary)

http://www.thesaurus.com (online thesaurus)

Is it your or you’re? There, their, or they’re? Affect or effect?
Homonyms and words with similar but distinct meanings are easy to get mixed up. Here’s a list of commonly misused words with an explanation of how to use them correctly:


Before the end of the week, go back and re-read the assignments or discussions you’ve written. Do you need to fix anything before it’s graded?